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Headshot Photo Cambridge, uk


 'Photography should be the starting point for your Brand'

Do you have a small business that needs some fresh photography to liven up your Website or Social Media platforms?

I work with small lifestyle businesses to create beautiful images that can be used for websites, print work and social media content.

The look and feel of your photography should tell your customers what your Business is all about. Good quality photography will engage with future customers and tell them that you are professional.

Click here to see some Case Studies of Clients


'If you wouldn't hang it on your wall, don't post it on your wall'

Lifestyle Product Photography is all about showing the Product in its real-life use. It shows how exactly the product can be used by the buyer.

I work with small Businesses to create beautiful lifestyle photography of their products so they can use them on their website and as content for their Social Media feeds to show the products at their best. Aspirational images can make the difference between successful sales and non-sales.

With Social Media so prevalent nowadays, it is so important that the quality of your images stand out from those of your competitors. I passionately believe that you are better not posting anything than posting a bad photographic image

I work with clients to before the shoot to discuss a brief to ensure we can get the best out of a shoot. This ensures that the final images are inline with client's Brand Identities.


Client Galleries are available here


'Put a face to a name'

Customers love a personal feel and sometimes that can be as simple as putting a picture of you on your website.

Whether you need a Head shot for your Business, Brand or maybe just a simple profile picture for your CV. I can help you with some simple headshots.

Believe it or not most people I come across say they hate having their photo taken, but my aim is to make sure you feel relaxed enough, to ensure I get a picture that you are happy with that looks professional and relevant to your Brand or Business.


Branding Shoot

A Branding Shoot can kick start the photography needs required to start or refresh the images on your website.

£350 for half a day

£500 for a full day

Social Media

If you are struggling to find the time to take good quality imagery for your Social Media feeds, I can take a set of pictures for you to use as you need them. This will keep your Branding looking professional.

£295 for 15 images


If you are just after a simple headshot for your webpage, CV or a profile picture, I can do a 'mini shoot'. 

£75 per person

(includes 3 images)

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