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Don't stop them Moving...

Children move and that's ok when you're a photographer, so long as you know how to capture it. Every year I photograph a ballet show with 600 children that are definitely not asked to stand still and smile (sadly I can't share any of these lovely photos due to privacy) but it's taught me to capture the movement of children which generally brings out a lot more character in the final photos!

It keeps me on my toes also, as photographers can't stand still during a photoshoot and expect the shot to come to you, so I have to think on my feet, my knees or my elbows (whichever position I happen to be in) and get on the move.

Since lockdown, I have captured puppies in the city, babies in the air, children on the beach and even tried a self timer of me dancing in the kitchen. They make for much more interesting photos and the children won't grumble about photoshoots being boring in the future.

You can capture some cute shots on a phone, but you won't get the separation in the photo and the captured movement. If you do have a DSLR and are reading this thinking you would like to try and do it yourself, then challenge yourself out of automode and switch to manual. You are going to need to have a shutter speed of at least 1/500 which, depending on your light source might mean you have to adjust your ISO or f-stop to let a bit more light in, but have a go, play with the settings and snap away.

Otherwise, you can always ask me to do it for you and we can select a location where your children can jump, swing or run to their heart's content.

Head to my website for more information on Family Photoshoot prices.

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