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A different kind of product picture

A product photo is just a simple photo right?... wrong. The time it takes to click the shutter is generally the same, but the work behind setting up the photo can vary from a nano second to hours.

As I photograph different kinds of products for a variety of different clients, I though I'd do a little bit of writing about the difference between product shot styles and why it's important to know which kind of photos you might need for your small business.

How well a product sells for an online business can be all about how enticing a photo is, so it's important to ensure that your product photos are doing the work for your business. There's a balance between having engaging lifestyle product images where the product is being either modelled or used, styled product shots or lastly, a product in it's simplest form against a plain back ground.

LIFESTYLE PRODUCT IMAGES (when the product is being used!)

These are my favourite as I love photographing people. Now, just because there's a person in the shot, it doesn't mean that their face has to be in the shot. These types of photos can be close ups of hands holding products, using products, wearing products. Whatever the item is, it's about demonstrating how the product can be used and enticing a future customer to want to buy the item.


This type of photo shoot is for clients that sell beautiful items in their own right, but seeing that item in situ is going to show the product in it's best light. Customers often see images that make them feel like they are buying into a brand and this is where the style of photo is so critical. My clients often have very strong ideas about the look and the feel of their brand and I spend time getting to know their style so I can shoot the products in keeping with the style of their brand.


Sometimes the shots need to have no restrictions. The item is the hero. You will have seen this kind of shot on many a website and you've probably zoomed in closely to check for specific details. Some clients also like to have completely translucent white back grounds, which I get professionally outsourced.

As each client has a different type of product, I like to have an initial chat to discuss what kind of photography a client requires and for what purpose. It's often the case that clients want a mix of two different styles and I am flexible with this and will sometimes try to get both shot in one photoshoot.

If you have a new small business with products that need photographing for your website, please feel free to call for a chat to see how I can help. It's been so exciting to see so many people begin new businesses during this strange year we have had and I look forward to meeting the new small businesses that are emerge out of lockdown.

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