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Treasure the family moments...

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

There's nothing nicer than a good old fashioned Family get together. It might take some arranging... to get the date, to drag the Uni students back from their digs and to line everyone's diaries up... but once you manage it and the wine gets poured and the tales get told, it's always worth it - to spend time with the ones you love.

Of course, Christmas is easier. You expect to see family at Christmas and it's a given that you will spend it with your nearest and dearest, but we want photos when we are glowing and when the sun is shining and most importantly, when we are all together.

So, this year, think about capturing it, or maybe ask me to come along and capture it for you. A photo shoot needn't be as structured as you think, it can be casual and informal. While you eat, drink, relax and catch up, I can capture the giggles and smiles. That way, in years to come. You will always have the memories of your special Family day.

So if you have parents, or are lucky enough to have Grand Parents, or even Great Grandparents, share the love. Organise an extended family get together and I can come along for just a small part of the day and help you capture it so you can treasure it... forever.

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