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What to wear for an Autumn family photoshoot.

Autumn. It's often considered to be a photographer's favourite season, purely for the colours it gives. The richness of the colours add so much, so if you are photographing people in your pictures, it's important to consider the colours and textures of your outfits as well.

When I organise family photo shoots, I'm often asked 'what should we wear?' and it's definitely a discussion I love to embrace as the end result is so much better if clothing has been considered. Clashing colours in a group photo can ruin a photo, plus that T shirt your son may love with his favourite cartoon character will nag at you in years to come.

First and foremost, everyone should feel comfortable and wear something true to themselves, otherwise they will find it harder to relax. Plus, as I like to photograph children behaving naturally, they need to be able to run and play. Adults too!

Zara and H&M often have great options for children. You can pair jeans with a shirt or chunky knit for boys or a colour block dress for girls. I like La Redoute or Cyrillus for simple french style dressing and have created a little montage of some favourite types of clothing available currently at La Redoute.

Colour options in Autumn are so versatile. Jewel colours sit really nicely when out and about in a country park and are nice and vibrant against skin tones.

The beauty of Autumn is there feels like there's so much you can do. Conkers are a plenty, berries might still be available on the hedgerows and the leaves, (when dry) are great for running through and having leaf fights with Granny!

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