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Conferences & Business Event Photography

I worked in Conferences & Events for over 10 years in London so I know what the client is looking for in Event Photography. 

If you are organising an event for your company​, I can help document all the moments so that you have images for your websites, social media accounts and any printed material.

I photograph mostly  in London & Cambridge


Speaker Events

To capture the best moments, I work discreetly, blending into the background to ensure that my presence does not disrupt the natural flow of events. My approach is to observe and anticipate, allowing me to capture genuine, candid moments that truly reflect the emotions and atmosphere of the occasion. By staying unobtrusive, I create a comfortable environment where people can be themselves, resulting in authentic photographs. My goal is to document your event as it unfolds naturally, capturing your professional moments.



Large Conference Photography

As an event photographer, I capture business conferences by blending into the background to avoid disrupting the event. I capture key moments including speeches, audience reactions, and networking interactions. I focus on candid shots to reflect the genuine atmosphere. Post-event, I meticulously select and edit the best images to deliver a polished, professional collection to my clients


Cocktail Parties & Informal Event Photography

I photograph Informal Events and cocktail parties by immersing myself in the atmosphere to capture their natural interactions and emotions. I focus on the energy of the event, to capture unique moments that make each gathering special. My goal is to create a visual story that reflects the joy and spontaneity of your event.


Conference & Event Photography

A full day of on-site photography,
totalling 5-6 hours


The Price includes:

- Pre shoot consultation

- one location

- Editing of images

- A personal Gallery and the high resolution files.

£695 for a full day

Cocktail Party Photography

I can photograph a business drinks reception, cocktail party​ for you

The price includes

- 2-3 hours 

- one location 

- Editing of images

Personal Gallery of images


£395 for 2-3 hours

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