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Brand Image, starts with a good image

The children are back in school and I bet you took a traditional 'Back to school' Photo of them, but as with all fresh starts, maybe it's time to get a fresh picture of you to showcase yourself within your brand or Business.

If you have a small Brand, or lifestyle business then you may have spent time mulling over your Image - be that the impression your brand gives out, or pictures of yourself. In this fast-paced, image conscious world that we live in, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting your face on the page, but it could be key to the success of your business to put yourself out there and unfortunately a quick selfie just won't do.

I have photographed many small business owners over the years, mostly women, and they all start the shoot by saying 'I hate having my photo taken'. That in it's essence is why I take pictures... because I'm going to make it easier and the result usually ends up with a picture they are happy with.

I'm not going to lie, I can't make you look like an 80's super model and you will still say 'I hate my hair in that one' (even though it looks gorgeous), but I aim to take a photo that you like, and that tells your story.

I believe that a 'headshot' should be more than just a head-shot. It should be relevant to your business. It should show your personality and it should show, to a degree, the nature of your business. If you work inside, outside, at a desk or in a garden, with clients or with a partner. All of these things should be considered before you have your picture taken.

So, if you want your image on your page, give me a shout.

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