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Have you printed your Photo Albums?

If you read my blog about spare time and organising photo books last June, I may have been able to persuade some of you to have a go at getting those annual photobooks produced? Did you? If you did, then you're better than me because I only talked about it and didn't actually action it. Here's the excuses... the sun was shining, I was busy concentrating on my business, organising home schooling and to be honest taking a bit of time out and enjoying what we could of lockdown 1. I kind of guessed that we would be in a worse lockdown this Winter, so I 'saved' the annual task, as I genuinely do like trying to do it in January...

I took so many photos last year. Beautiful photos that deserve printing and I am one of those people that tries to ensure that I keep on top of the annual Photo books. Now, you might say, well of course YOU would, you're a photographer. However, I'm behind at the moment by two years

I have rolled out many excuses over the years: too many photos in 2012, so there's a gap there. 14 weeks of being housebound with chemo didn't seem enough time and this last year, I still haven't 'found the time' Anyhow, another year has gone by, but why is it that organising the albums is so hard?.

I think it's about taking time. If you're a procrastinator like me, it's because you want your memories to look so perfect in their albums and 'just bunging them in' doesn't work. I am a bit painful when it comes to co-ordinating colours. I like the girl's outfits to compliment each other in a 'oh I didn't realise they match' kind of way. I like my photo albums to do the same, so this makes this arduous process an even lengthier one.

However now, this January, some of you, forced to stay home, do have time. Maybe more time than you ever imagined and therefore I have begun (again) to revisit 2018 and will, I hope, manage to do last year and maybe even, (if Lockdown goes on long enough) attempt the long-awaited 2012.

If you do fancy creating order from your thousands of iPhone photos that sit clogging up your i-phone, then I recommend using Blurb. They use a new platform called Bookwright to host the layout which has replaced Bookify and it offers much more flexibility in it's layout designs. There are also lots of contenders that claim to make the experience quick and easy, Photobox, Snapfish, Picaboo to name a few, but if you can find some time, outside of being a 24 hour Chef, double-time Cleaner, full-time Teacher, Husband's private hairdresser, counsellor and the snack cupboard's Guard... then lock yourself in the loo and create a Family Album...

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