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Who has some spare time?

I am one of those people that tries to ensure that I keep on top of the annual Photo books. Now, you might say, well of course YOU would, you're a photographer. However, even for me, I just don't get around to them. I sometimes manage to get on top of them in the January of the following year, when it's grey and dark and you just want to say home, but that doesn't always work...

I'm behind at the moment by two years and I found 2012's mass of photos so overwhelming that when 2013 came around I just ignored the previous year and cracked on with the next. So the year that our girls were just three and one, when we travelled to Mauritius, New York & California, the year that our native country hosted the Olympics and a Royal Wedding which meant more trips home to see loved ones from our home country, Switzerland, those captured memories still sit, longing to be printed on an old hard drive which I hope never dies.

So when I was told I needed 14 weeks of chemotherapy last year, I thought, this is it!. This is when I will have the time to stay at home, with my (getting very old) Mac and sort my family albums! I hadn't realised how busy I would find myself being poorly, so found myself either asleep, or attempting to live my 'normal' life and entertain visitors. The last thing I was inclined to do was sit at a laptop and sort albums. It doesn't help that one of the million side effects of chemotherapy (which no one tells you about) is the fact that your eyesight gets temporarily effected.... Anyhow, another year went by ... with I suppose you could say, a valid excuse that time, but why is it that organising the albums is so hard?.

I think it's about taking time. It's because you want your memories to look so perfect in their albums and 'just bunging them in' doesn't work. I am a bit painful when it comes to co-ordinating colours. I like the girl's outfits to compliment each other in a 'oh I didn't realise they match' kind of way. I like my photo albums to do the same, so this makes this arduous process an even lengthier one.

However now, some of the lucky ones, do have time. We have more time then we ever imagined and therefore I have begun to revisit 2018 and will, I hope, manage to do last year and maybe even, (if Lockdown goes on long enough) attempt the long-awaited 2012.

If you do fancy creating order from your thousands of iPhone photos that sit clogging up your i-phone, then I recommend using Blurb. They use a new platform called Bookwright to host the layout which has replaced Bookify and it offers much more flexibility in it's layout designs. There are also lots of contenders that claim to make the experience quick and easy, Photobox, Snapfish, Picaboo to name a few, but if you can find some time, outside of becoming the recent 24 hour Chef, double-time Cleaner, full-time Teacher, Husband's private hairdresser, counsellor and the snack cupboard's Guard... then lock yourself in the loo and create a Family Album...